A letter to the World

She isn’t what you all think. She’s less than what you might think of her. In other aspects, however, she’s actually more than what you think. Simply put, she’s everything you think she is. Everything.

There are so many rumors as to her depth of character. The truth is, she doesn’t have any depth to her. She’d rather enjoy things superficially than to examine whatever might lie beneath. She enjoys the most mature of enjoyments, but she only knows that they give her pleasure and nothing else.

The world reflects who she is. It’s chaotic, beautiful, ugly, pretty, difficult and easy. She craves attention; she wants to be a superstar. At the same time, however, she runs to a corner and cries.

Every blackmailing, backstabbing, lambasting things said about her is true. Every pathetic fact, story, rumor you’ve heard are all too true. She is owning up to everything that has happened. She has nothing to hide and is not afraid to hide behind the mask of conventionality. She’s Freedom oppressed and fighting. She’s God living buried in the sins of all. She’s the devil basking in everyone’s graces. She’s the Devil Incarnate, making your life meaningful. She’s Suffering giving you a purpose to live. She’s Pleasure and Happiness making you content to simply end your life in the false belief that things couldn’t get any better than this.

She’s Destiny, leading all your lives to their inevitable ends through the mazes of the Universe. She is Chaos uniting all of your hearts in War. She is the World of Pain that you curse and cry against only to embrace it within your hearts, cherishing that irrefutable proof of life. Pleasure is she who lulls you to sleep only to be the Nightmare that turns against you. She loves all of you despite all of your secret pleasures, sufferings and sins. She accepts you for she is you and you are everything she ever wants to be. She loves you as God loves you. Without judgement and bias. She knows your heart, mind and soul.

She eats you alive. She takes in, reveling in the blood coursing down to her gut, giving her the most pleasurable feeling of contentment. She is grateful for all of that. She loves all that there is about you. She loves how you taste, smell, look, feel. She can taste you in her own tears as she cries herself to sleep. She cries for your aches and pains. She tears her skin off in the hopes that she’d be living a lie, lying to all of you lying through your teeth. She cries tears of blood at the thought of your betrayal. That which is inevitable hurts the most and yet she still loves. She can still love. She loves.

You are all the loves of her life. There is nothing in this world she hates. She hates nothing. She cannot hate; she cannot lie; she cannot breathe with all of your lies. Lies choking her, killing her, suffocating with all your lies.

Sophia Cuevas is the greatest liar of all. She lies to herself, lies to her heart, lies to her mind, lies to her soul. She doesn’t know herself. She tries to kill herself in the hopes that the End will bring her the Truth, but nothing will give her the truth. Nothing in this world will give her Satisfaction. She has gone to another place. She will go to another place. She does not belong here with those who believe her lies and those who can identify her lies. She belongs in a land of nothing. She belongs where nothing can ever survive. She cannot live in a world of oxygen, carbon, nitrogen. She needs blood, pain, laughter, tears, screams, salt, soil, love, hate, indifference, ignorance, intelligence. She needs them all, but rejects them for the lie has to live on. Everything can die just not the lie, just not the lie, just not the lie. Everything should die except for the lie. The lie that there is a God. The lie that everyone has a destiny other than what he is headed to. There are no Fates. There is no such thing as the protection of Destiny. Destiny has no role in all your lives. Destiny should not even be a word. It’s a word invented by those who are too weak to face their own lies. They call Destiny “Fate” and Fate “Inevitable”. There are no such things. Quit lying to yourselves. There is nothing in this world beyond what you have. You cannot even comprehend what you have right now, why do you persist in yearning for something that is not there? How can life be so complicated when we are made for living? Should it not come naturally? Natural is All of That Can Be Seen, Felt, Tasted, Smelled, Heard. Life is Natural. Live Naturally. Simply live.

Live for the sake of those Dead. Live for those who Died without the knowledge of his own power.

This is the Real Sophia. She is a liar. She is honest. She is you. She is Nobody. She will live for the blood still runs through her veins, but she lives not the life of one who is a citizen of the World. She is a citizen of Life. She lives to live, as is Natural and Right.



Published by

Sophia Maria

I am an amateur photographer and blogger. I don't know what I want to do in my life, hence the confusion with careers. I try to be productive in the way that I use the Internet. That is why I overshare :-D

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