A visit to the ob-gyne

I weigh 230 lbs or over 100 kgs. I am around 5’5″ tall. I know that I am obese.

I have been bleeding consistently for three weeks. Everyday, my menstrual flow is heavy. The nights are heavier than the mornings. So I think it’s about the time I get medical help. 

Going into the doctor’s office, his nurses and other attendants remarked on my weight. I brushed these aside as these were opinions of mere underlings. 

Turns out, the prognosis of the doctor was much worse. I was fat and the only cure is to lose weight. Being fat was the reason for my irregular periods. It was also the reason for me not having a boyfriend…and it is likely that no man would find me attractive. Since I am nearing 30 years old, there’s even less of a chance. 

He gave me a prescription, but he admits that this would really just be useless. 

I wanted to die. I felt so humiliated. So I cried, loudly and uncontrollably.