About the Water Writer

Words illuminate

There are some things in life that are better left unsaid but they are best read. I am a strong believer of how the written word speaks much louder than the words that we hear. This is why there are times when we are unable to say the words because they threaten to burst forth from our breasts, ripping our bodies apart. However, when we put them in writing, we become calm and rational. Imbuing the words with a steely strength that may not be as flamboyant as the effects of our words but they become more enduring. This strength cannot be learned from enunciation but rather from inscriptions. Sound is fleeting but the printed word is immortal.

And yet, there are some words so powerful and so intense that we cannot write them down on solid paper. And so we write them in water. Banish the deepest and darkest of our secrets, our brightest and highest dreams or the most mundane and common details of our existence to the ether where those that cannot be known are kept. This is why we write in water. We write letters that we can never send. We tell people how we feel, what happened to us or anything else under the sun without facing the risk of letting them know.

This blog might very well be an antithesis to that idea because it immortalizes the letters that we can never send. However, this blog celebrates the very beauty of those thoughts which will never arrive at the rightful destination. Instead of losing them in the ether, let us bring it here and tell the world. The entire world. Everyone except for the one who should hear it the most.


4 thoughts on “About the Water Writer”

  1. gusto ko yung letters we could never sent. mayroon akong nasulat dati about letters. as usual, nasa notebook ko lang. 🙂

    1. hahaha post mo! ako kasi ang tagal ko nang di nagsusulat. parati lang nasa ulo ko. last time i wrote seriously any fictional work was in highschool. ngayon lost na silang lahat! panahon pa yun ng FLOPPY disk 😀

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