Rude Awakenings: The Lover and the Loved

I remember when I first saw you. Our eyes met across a smoky bar room. There was barely enough space to move and people like it that way. It gave a socially accepted excuse for everyone to rub bodies against one another in public, no matter how suggestive the motions are. The deafening beats of the music taught my body how to move in a dance of seduction. I was dancing with a different partner then but my eyes were watching you and you were doing the same. Finally, I turned my gaze away. I knew that you were hooked and all I had to do was reel you in.

My partner grabbed my waist and I gave a sharp bark of laughter. I knew that my full-bodied sound of glee reached your curious ears. I turned my gaze to your lifeless dance partner and felt smug about my impending victory. So I told my dance partner that I wanted to go back to the table and grab a drink.

Without looking, I knew that you followed me with your eyes. Smiling to myself, I sat at the empty booth and you were beside me in a second. You looked like you didn’t know what to do to me. We were just staring at each other and I fell in love with your nervousness. I took one of your hands into mine and you immediately engulfed it with both of yours. I laid my other hand onto your cheek and leaned in for a kiss. Your lips quivered against mine and I loved you even more. Your hands began to sweat, I knew that you were nervous. I freed my hand and clasped your face and gave you a deep kiss.

It was a swift whirlwind of notions, motion and commotion that brought us to your dark room. We were kissing against your door while eagerly tearing off our clothes. I think you tore my blouse but that is to be expected. Your furtive motions bespoke of your eagerness and your inexperience. I knew I loved you.

Suddenly, bare flesh was touching bare flesh. My warm palm touched your clammy belly. We moved onto the bed and you were less nervous then. I held you tightly as I loved you. Your body was shaking because you were trying to keep in control. Your tremors that caused rippling sensations in my body took me to ecstasy. Then we were both replete.

I closed my eyes and relished the remaining traces of pleasure in my body. Then you whispered, “I love you.”

I waited for you to reach the darkest slumber before I got up. I put on my clothes and left your house without looking back.